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Next edition: August 2023
Due to coronavirus the Summer Academy has been postponed. We will publish all the details as soon as we can guarantee the safety to all of our participants.

In the meanwhile you might be interested in our online project in English language. It helps professional musicians build their careers, get invitations to concerts and increase their fees.
Summer Academy
The Classica Viva Academy welcomes promising musicians and actors, as well as music and theatre lovers who want to find inspiration, improve their skills and fundamentally enlarge their perception. An amazing team, consisting of top professional musicians and actors, will share its knowledge in a lovely atmosphere, and make your experience simply unforgettable.

The Academy is open to professional pianists, violinists, singers and actors who want to make a qualitative leap and establish themselves as performing artists.

The Academy offers a CULTURAL RETREAT for non-professional music and theatre lovers, which allow them to dive into these two magical worlds, to watch closely the process of creating of a masterpiece while feeling part of it. This is a rare opportunity to have great a time in the company of famous artists, and to experience how they reach their high levels in the art, while you enjoy the incredible ambiance!
Each edition of the Academy is unique thanks to a variety of courses and workshops, which range from overcoming stage fright to improvisation, insights into conducting or ensemble work.

The highlight of the last edition was THEATRE AND MUSIC in their unity.

Our participants spent 10 days full of inspiration, revelation and self-development in this fantastic cultural environment!

  • Maria Masycheva
    Winner of the world's most prestigious piano competitions, including M. Long - Jacques Thibaud in Paris, Geneva, and Sendai. Artistic Director and co-founder of the Classica Viva Academy. Jury member of numerous piano competitions
  • Klaus Hellwig
    Professor at the University of Arts Berlin, and one of Germany's leading teachers. Jury member of the world's most important competitions, such as the Tchaikovsky, ARD, Busoni, Leeds, Dublin, and Schumann competitions
  • Georgy Gromov
    Winner of 12 international piano competitions, including the prestigious Seoul Competition and the Grieg Competition in Norway. Pianist, conductor and composer, and founder of the Classica Viva Academy. Jury member of competitions in Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Russia, UK and America
  • Alena Baeva
    One of the finest violinists of her generation, having already carved out an impressive career and working regularly with the world's most renown orchestras and conductors
  • Adam Boncz
    Actor and producer working in both Europe and in New York City, founder of SceneHouse Productions. Expert in acting technique and overcoming stage fright
  • Chulpan Khamatova
    Stage presence
    One of the leading Russian cinema and theatre actresses, Deputy Artistic Director of the Sovremennik Theatre in Moscow. Co-founder of the Foundation "Gift of Life"
  • Artem Putilov
    Lectures on music and theatre
    Musicologist and composer. Researcher at the State Institute of Art Studies in Moscow and Assisting Director at the Classica-XXI Publishing House. Many books on music published under his guidance have become bestsellers in Russia
  • Esztella Levko
    Movement and eliminating physical blocks
    Multidisciplinary teacher and actress, combining music, body movement and acting technique to open up the creative potential of her students in a very natural way
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In the meanwhile you might be interested in our online project in English language. It helps professional musicians build their careers, get invitations to concerts and increase their fees.
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