How to become a compelling, well paid
musician and find your concerts in 2021
May 18th 2021
18:00 European time
Not satisfied with the quantity and the quality of your concerts?

Want to increase your concert fees?

Wish to become a compelling professional?

Want agencies and managers to notice you?

And no one in your university ever told you how to do that?

At the webinar, I will share the information that is not discussed in lectures and lessons.
Students and graduates of music universities and all musicians who are willing to perform, earn a decent living, and fulfill themselves professionally.
You will discover how to communicate with concert organizers
Understand the reasons why you're being denied performances
See concert opportunities for yourself
Realize what exactly needs to be done to get concerts
Feel more free and more confident

  • Graduate of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Berlin University of Arts (uder prof. E.Virsaladze and K.Hellwig)

  • 8 international competitions winner, including M.Long - J.Thibaud in Paris and competitions in Sendai, Geneva, Andorra

  • Music physiologist

  • Certified coach for artists, musicians and actors

  • Author of articles and methodologies for overcoming stage fright

  • Concert pianist with over 500 performances worldwide

  • Jury member of international competitions in Europe and the USA

  • Concert organizer and a founder of the Classica Viva International Music Academy

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