Start March 11th, 2024

Start March 11th, 2024
You graduated from the university and has no support and professional assistance in order to perform, keeping the high standards?
You don't understand how to make your performance deeper, more mature and
complete although everything is fine with your technique?
You would like to participate in serious competitions but you don't know how to
prepare effectively and have no clue how to choose right repertoire?
Your teacher expects you to improve from lesson to lesson but you don't know
how to do this?
You want to enter the university in another country, but you have no idea how to show the best of you?
You have a feeling you are not enough and your performance misses something
Master classes with a jury member of international competitions, winner of 8
prestigious piano competitions and certified coach Maria Masycheva will help you
achieve your professional goals!

This format is perfect for those:
  • Who have already graduated from the university but is eager to develop as a musician and professional.
  • Who wants to get an independent opinion about their professionalism and how to boost a musical career to the next level.
  • Who prepares for competitions, auditions, exams and important concerts.
  • Who no longer needs the instructions from a teacher, but wants to communicate with a master and mentor to continue professional personal growth.
  • Who needs an assistance in building an individual practice plan and strategy of self-study.
  • For solo performers of all instruments
  • For piano accompanists
  • For orchestral musicians
  • For singers
At the first introductory meeting, Maria finds out what difficulties you are facing, what your goals are, what is important to focus on in the lessons (technical side / phrasing / musicality / structure, etc.).
2-3 days before your planned online master class, you send your recording. You DO NOT NEED professional recording! It is enough to record your playing on your phone where you usually study.
At the 1-hour online meeting, Maria analyzes your recording with you, gives recommendations for improvement, shares her secrets of mastery, tells technical and musical methods and together with you creates a personal plan for your practice.
The next meeting takes place in 10-14 days, which is also preceded by your recording.
This way, you interact with Maria for 2 months. Step by step you have deeper understanding of the context of the work you play, its structure, ideas, musical and technical parts. You sharpen your hearing, ability to convey details and nuances, and achieve greater persuasiveness. Thanks to interaction at the highest professional level, you grow as a professional and as a personality.

  • Concert pianist, holder of His Grace's Prince Albert II of Monaco Prize for the best solo recital.

  • Winner of M. Long-J. Thibaud Competition in Paris, competitions in Geneva, Andorra, Sendai.

  • Graduate from the Moscow State Conservatory (class of Professor E. Virsaladze) and Berlin University of the Arts (K. Hellwig).

  • Certified music physiologist and author of stage fright overcoming methodology.

  • Gave more than 500 concerts, including the ones at a 60 000 audience stadium.

  • Founder of the Classica Viva Academy that helps everyone find their path in the world of music.

  • Jury member of international competitions in Italy, Germany, Russia, Romania, USA.

  • Author of articles and certified PCC ICF coach for artists.

Individual work
start March 2024 by individual agreement

800 €
Installment payment is possible
  • 4 individual online meetings 60 minutes each;
  • Private support chat with Maria to answer questions;
  • Letter of recommendation to use it for competitions, auditions and
    admission to international universities;
  • Personal recommendations for further career development;
  • Recordings of meetings with access for 6 months.
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Group master sessions
start March11th, 2024
320 €
Installment payment is possible
  • 4 online group meetings in a mini group of 6-8 people;
  • Access to a closed chat of like-minded people and answers to all questions;
  • Access to the master sessions recordings for 3 months;
  • Maria's letter of recommendation for use in competitions and for admission
    to international universities;
  • Personal recommendations for further career development
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