Июнь 19 - 29
Тоскана, Италия
Благодаря десятидневному интенсиву вы делаете огромный шаг в своем развитии в кратчайшие сроки. Взаимосвязанные уроки, лекции и воркшопы помогают вам проработать репертуар сразу на нескольких уровнях - инструментальном, артистическом и личностном. Такая многосторонняя работа дает не только мгновенные результаты, но и существенно влияет на успех на концертной сцене.
36 премий
выиграны нашими участниками с 2015 г. на национальных и международных конкурсах
наших студентов поступают в ВУЗы Европы
участников Академии повторно принимают в ней участие
В течение 10 дней интенсива

6 индивидуальных урока
с Марией Масычевой и Георгием Громовым или Аленой Баевой
Победители таких крупнейших конкурсов как М.Лонг-Ж.Тибо, Шумана, Грига, Венявского, Паганини, Женевы, Сеула и Сендая поделятся своим опытом и раскроют секреты мастерства, которые привели их к успеху
2 мастер-класса с проф. Клаусом Хельвигом
Человек энциклопедических знаний, один из лидирующих педагогов Германии по фортепиано даст вам ценные рекомендации, которые помогут найти свой путь в музыке
3 воркшопа по сценическому мастерству
с Адамом Боншем и
Чулпан Хаматовой
Сценическое мастерство никогда не преподается классическим музыкантам, несмотря на то что его навыки кардинальным образом влияют на успех. Возьмите из этих воркшопов все самое ценное, чтобы сделать свою игру более убедительной и интересной на сцене
Воркшоп по устранению физических блоков в теле
с Эстеллой Левко
Физические зажимы и блоки в теле не позволяют музыке свободно течь и выражать себя в полной мере. Проработайте эмоции в теле и почувствуйте свободу в игре на инструменте!
3 лекции о театре и музыке
Артема Путилова
There is connection between classical music and the art of theatre. But how are they connected? Why do they influence each other throughout the centuries? How a contemporary actor could gain invaluable knowledge from the world of classical music, and what the musicians should learn from the actors?
Here you will find answers!
3 закрытых сеанса кино на открытом воздухе
You will discover rarely seen films on great musicians at the open air cinema.

Imagine mild evenings with spicy odours of summer Italian plants, being served with wine (or tea!) and enjoying music films on a big screen!
Групповые занятия и репетиции

Creative and friendly environment will help you open up and put into practice all of your ideas, emotions and thoughts
Выступление на гала-концерте
Take a chance to show on public what you have done and get amazing experience performing at the open air concert
The course will take place in the incredible Villa Rospigliosi, situated just next to the Vinci city, the birth place of Leonardo da Vinci.

Well known as the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and the land of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante, Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Amazing landscapes with vine hills, spicy odours of summer Italian plants, small ancient towns and the famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence attract people from all over the world.

The Villa Rospigliosi is located 2km from the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci and just 30km from Florence airport.

This is a perfect place for an unforgettable experience, opening your creative potential and widening your scope.

Вилла с бассейном
We provide you with lodging in an Italian villa with wifi and a swimming pool. The villa with the view on Tuscan mountains is just 3 minutes walk from the place where all courses take place
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Частный повар
Our private cook prepares tradition Italian dishes, always fresh and delicious. Great luck to try genuine food in the heart of Tuscany!
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WHY to apply?
You will dramatically improve your playing within a short time

You will spend 10 days in an incredible villa, surrounded by natural beauty and arts, that will open up your creative potential

You will work with great artists and jury members who will develop different sides of your personality

You will increase your range of expression, feel freedom on stage and become a more interesting, convincing and successful performer
3-5 lessons
Other summer academies
3 - 5 lessons only on your instrument
15 lessons
Classica Viva Music Academy
15 interconnected workshops and lessons
that work out your repertoire on several levels
for the same average price!
Here is what our previous participants say about the course:
Stefan Virtejaru, Bucharest - impressions from the Academy in Italy
Participant of the Academies 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
Julie Rozé, Paris - impressions from the Academy in Italy
Participant of the Academies 2015 and 2018
Lidia Ciubuc,
Chisinau (Moldova)
It was a wonderful experience to meet amazing pianists! I enjoyed communication with teachers and colleagues. I was impressed by the work on details on the piano lessons and I liked very much the open attitude of teachers. That helps to reach a new level of understanding after already a few days

Alba Iulia (Romania)
It was the best musical experience I've ever had. I will definitely come again next year
Moscow (Russia)
If we had such theory lessons at the college everybody would love them! And I especially liked the atmosphere at the Academy
Samara (Russia)
The Academy was an exciting and unforgettable experience! I got answers to my internal questions and understood how to go forward, got lots of practical tips and wise advices. During the whole time the atmosphere was very supportive and inspiring, it helped me so much that I didn't want this to ever end
Bucharest (Romania)
I think it is one of the best courses I've ever been to and the teachers are AMAZING. All the information I've got from them helped me a lot
Moscow (Russia)
In my institution in Moscow I sometimes feel asleep on the lessons, but here everything - EVERYTHING - was very interesting and helpful. If we had such lessons during the year, my life would be different
Discounted price for students

12 classes and workshops
3 lectures
3 open air cinema
Group work and rehearsals
Performance at the Gala concert

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Course venue
The Villa Rospigliosi

The Villa Rospigliosi is situated 2 km from the Vinci City and just 30 km from the Florence airport. We will help you with the directions and transportations if you need any assistance
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