для любителей музыки и театра

Июнь 19 - 29
Тоскана, Италия
Этот десятидневный культурный ретрит создан специально для любителей и ценителей классической музыки и театра.

Отдых в живописном месте, который по духу идеально сочетается с концертами, лекциями об искусстве, мастер-классами и экскурсиями даст Вам вдохновение, обновит творческие ресурсы и энергию. Вы лично встретитесь со знаменитостями, окунетесь в артистическую среду и насладитесь Тосканскими видами и потрясающей местной кухней. Результат - вы получите ни с чем не сравнимый опыт и душевные силы на весь год!

96% участников приезжают в Академию снова.

Access to over 20 music and theatre master classes, workshops and rehearsals by famous artists
You will have a chance to be "behind the scene", watch how the artists work on their pieces, which difficulties and fears they have and how they overcome them to achieve amazing results
10 days at an incredible Villa that belonged to the Pope
You will spend an unforgettable time at the Villa that was constructed for the Pope, where nature, architecture, painting and music meet each other in their best forms
3 lectures about theatre and music
Why do theatre and music influence on each other throughout the centuries? How to find this connection and how you can use this knowledge in your everyday life? Here you will find answers!
2 classical open air concerts
You will see famous artists - winners of the world's top music competitions - live in a great ambience. Imagine warm Italian evenings on a Baroque villa, welcoming you for an open air concert!
3 open air music cinema
You will discover rarely seen films on great musicians, music and theatre at the open air cinema
Beautiful residence and a private cook
You will enjoy the view of Tuscan mountains from your XVII-century residence with a swimming pool. Siesta in the shadows of branchy trees or morning coffee in the courtyard - that will be your way to feel a taste of the true Tuscany
Delightful evenings in a great company
You will dive into friendly and creative atmosphere in the ambience where everything is imbued by arts. What can be more exciting than evenings by candles with a glass of Tuscan wine and interesting discussions with renown artists?
Opportunity to discover the Vinci City, Pisa and Florence
If you decide to visit the birth house of the Universal Genius Leonardo da Vinci, or to enjoy Florence with its thousands of monuments, or the famous leaning tower of Pisa - everything is just around the corner. With organised transportation!
Maria Masycheva
Winner of the world's most prestigious piano competitions, including M. Long - Jacques Thibaud in Paris, Geneva and Sendai competitions. Artistic director and co-founder of the Classica Viva Academy. Jury member of numerous piano competitions
Chulpan Khamatova
Stage presence
One of the leading Russian actress of cinema and theatre, deputy artistic director of the Sovremennik Theatre in Moscow. Co-founder of the Foundation "Gift of Life"
Klaus Hellwig
Professor at the University of Arts Berlin, one of the Germany's leading teachers. Jury member of the world's most important competitions, such as Tchaikovsky, ARD, Busoni, Leeds, Dublin, Schumann competitions
Georgy Gromov
Winner of 12 international piano competitions, including the prestigious Seoul Competition and the Grieg Competition in Norway. Pianist, conductor and composer, founder of the Classica Viva Academy. Jury member of the competitions in Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Russia, UK and America
Alena Baeva
One of the finest violinists of her generation, having already carved out an impressive career to date and working regularly with the world's most renown orchestras and conductors
Adam Boncz
Acting technique
Actor and producer working both in Europe and in New York City, founder of the SceneHouse Productions. Expert in acting technique and overcoming stage fright
Artem Putilov
Musicologist and composer, researcher at the State Institute of Art Studies in Moscow and Assisting Director at the Classica-XXI Publishing House. Many books on music published under his guidance became bestsellers in Russia
Esztella Levko
Eliminating physical blocks
Multidisciplinary teacher and actress, who perfectly combines music, body movement and actor technique to open the creative potential of her students in a very natural way
Villa with a swimming pool
We provide you with lodging in an Italian villa with wifi and a swimming pool. The villa with the view on Tuscan mountains is just 3 minutes walk from the place where all courses take place
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Private cook
Our private cook prepares tradition Italian dishes, always fresh and delicious. Great luck to try genuine food in the heart of Tuscany!
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Course venue
The Villa Rospigliosi

The Villa Rospigliosi is situated 2 km from the Vinci City and just 30 km from the Florence airport. We will help you with the directions and transportations if you need any assistance
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