"COFFEE WITH WINNERS" is a series of online meetings with outstanding musicians, winners of the world's greatest music competitions, jury members and performing artists. They share with you the secrets of their success and you can directly ask them your questions.
If you want to:
Become a good performer
Perform on stage or win a music competition
Succeed in your career and gain recognition
here you can get first-hand information from those who have already done this at the highest level.
You will find out:
What difficulties people whose names are well known today have faced
Which doubts they have gone through
How they managed to turn their failures into victories
People are not born winners.
They become winners.
How many professional musicians are there in the world? Probably, hundreds of thousands. And only a few manage to win the biggest competitions.

Stop digging up information bit by bit. Get it from those who know exactly how to realize their talent and who have proved it by personal example. Meet those people - you will take away many valuable things for yourself.
The speakers of the webinars "COFFEE WITH WINNERS" are people who have achieved outstanding success in art, who have won the world's most significant competitions, such as the Cleveland International Piano Competition, the Queen Elisabeth Competition, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

You will communicate with people who are known for their originality of thinking. Each of our speakers is a person with a contagious and unique charisma who has gone through a difficult path of falls and failures, but as a result, he or she gained lots of insights and found a key to success. Our artists generously share their secrets and vision with those who want to fulfill their dreams and are prepared to work to achieve their goals!
These webinars won't fit for the
People who are totally happy with what they have achieved up to now and who believe that they have nothing to learn anymore
People who don't want to change anything in their lives
People who aren't prepared to work for their dreams
If at least one of these phrases refers to you, please close this page.
How these meetings help you
Very often, our environment holds us back. Moving in the same circles, we involuntarily shut ourselves up with the possibilities that surround us. According to many prominent people, in order to achieve your goals you need to surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Communicating with them enriches you and provides food for your development. We give you this very environment – you will find it interesting and extremely useful in a community of like-minded people.

Before, it was hard to imagine such meetings. You had to go somewhere, and the time for communication was limited. But now, thanks to webinars "COFFEE WITH WINNERS" you can get in touch with an outstanding artist from anywhere in the world.
We are the only academy in the world of classical music that offers such webinars. We use the most modern platform for conducting webinars and for you everything looks extremely simple and convenient! It is enough to have access to the Internet, and you will meet online using your phone, tablet or computer. And if the answers to some of your questions seemed especially interesting to you, or you feel that you want to think about them, you can always come back and watch the recording of the meeting. It works in any country and on any device.

Fill out the form in 30 seconds

Pay for your participation for a price of a cup of coffee

Join the meeting using the link that you will receive by email using your tablet, phone or computer
The advantages for you

You don't need to buy an air ticket and fly somewhere to meet an outstanding artist from another country
You don't have to free several days in your schedule for a such meeting
You don't need to cross the barrier of agents, secretaries, or wait outside the green room after the concert, hoping to meet the idol of thousands of people for a couple of seconds
At our webinars you meet them right from where you are - from your home, on your way to work, during the breaks of your lectures or work.

And it only costs 5 Euro for a meeting - this is less than you spend for a coffee break!
Way to your dream
Find inspiration, think about the conclusions and observations of those people who you can learn a lot from and embark on the path to realizing your own dreams. In addition to the first-class artists who will talk about the innermost feelings, in our community you will be surrounded by amazing people who share your interests and desires. Our webinars not only help to understand the most important things about the profession but they also help you get into the right, motivating circle of friends thanks to which you will understand your strengths and weaknesses and be able to fully reveal your talent.
Very likely a cup of tea or coffee belongs to your everyday routine. Why not to drink it at least once a month in a company of a great personalities, speaking about things that bring you values and inspiration?

If you do not like our meetings, you can sign out any time! And now it is in your hands to make an important step for your own development.
Testimonials about the webinars of the Classica Viva Music Academy
Great webinar!) A lot of useful and interesting information, which very few people mention. I was interested in the analysis of the program, organizational aspects, and spiritual instructions.
Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
I really liked it. It was very interesting!
The most valuable thing for me was the advice on choosing the right program, preparing it, on understanding how to make it harmonious and show your strengths in the best way possible.
Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
I learned much more useful information than I have expected. It's great that I received very detailed answers to the questions that bothered me!
By the end of the meeting, I got the right mood for lessons and felt the spirit of true creators!
University of Arts Berlin
It was very informative, inspiring and interesting!
I was greatly helped by advice on the mood, on the state of mind and soul, practical advice on how to reduce the traveling costs to get to the contest.
Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Insightful, wise, useful, informative and accurate! A particularly interesting thing was how to compose a program for a competition, as well as different competitions and mentalities.
Amsterdam Conservatory
The most valuable thing for me was the extraordinary immediacy and sincerity of the meeting. All the topics were interesting.
The Royal Academy of Music
I appreciate that you keep my privacy and respect the terms of agreement when I send my application
How is it held?

After signing up, you will receive an e-mail from us with data for your access to the educational platform and all the technical details. We will send you the schedule of all the upcoming meetings. Before each meeting we will remind you about it again so that you do not miss it.

One hour before the webinar we will send you a link. You just click on it and get into the webinar room where we meet. You see the speaker and the hosts, take part in the meeting and can ask your questions.

In which language is it held?

The meetings are held in English, as we invite speakers from different countries. Our task is to show unique approaches of prominent people from different cultures, that you cannot reach if you live in one country. Our webinars are designed for people for whom English is a foreign language. We specifically bespeak this with all the artists, so that the language is simple and understandable. Therefore, to benefit from the meetings, it is enough to have at least an elementary level of English.

How long does each meeting last?

Usually, our webinars last from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of additional questions.

How often do webinars take place?

Once a month.

Do I need to register for each next meeting again?

No, it isn't necessary. After you have signed up for a series of webinars, we will inform you of every next meeting. The price for participation remains unchanged: 5 euros per month. The payment for every next meeting is made automatically.

How can I unsubscribe if I don't like it?

If after visiting 3 meetings you still think it's not for you, you just write us an e-mail and we unsubscribe you. Certainly, your monthly payment will be immediately canceled.

What if I can't attend?

It's okay as all of our meetings are recorded. If any thoughts were of particular interest to you, you can always watch the recording of the meeting again. Your access to the recordings of all meetings is maintained while you remain a part of our community.

How can I ask an artist a question?

You can ask questions right during the webinar. We see them in the chat of the webinar room, and our artists respond to them. But taking into account that our community is growing very fast, we have introduced a possibility to send your questions in advance by e-mail in order to make sure we have enough time at the meeting to answer to your question.

And if I don't have a computer at my disposal at the time of the webinar?

This is not a problem. Our webinars are held using the most advanced platform. You can access them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Many people even do it on the go. Webinars work in all modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Opera and so on.

What should I do if I can't get to the webinar or if something doesn't work?

If you were able to access this page, then you know how to use a browser. And you don't need anything else to attend our webinars! If suddenly you have got any problems, our technical support specialists will solve them together with you.
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